Teacher of two languages


Teaching practice is an important and exciting step in the study of language. Description of extracurricular activities. Feedback of extracurricular activity. Psychological characteristic of a group and a students. Evaluation and testing of students.

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Practicum Report

"Teacher of two languages”

Student: Tleukhanova A.Z.

Group: A-12 (2)

Supervisor: Nechetova N.S.

Karaganda 2013



Lesson plans and feedbacks of observed lessons


Kazak Literature

Russian Literature

History of the world


Active practicum. Lesson plans' descriptions and feedbacks

Description of extracurricular activities

Feedback of extracurricular activity

Psychological characteristic of a group

Psychological characteristic of a student

Evaluation and testing of students




Tleukhanova Ainash held teaching practice in Secondary school № 34 in Karaganda in the department of foreign languages. During my teaching practice was held on 24 hours of English of the pupils of the fifth and sixth grade, and in the end I spent the crediting lessons and tests.

In front of me had the following objectives:

Attendance for practical acquaintance with the methods of teaching the language;

Test your knowledge of students in § 5, 6, 7;

Evaluation of written work of pupils;

Assistance in preparing for classes.

The main objectives of teaching practice:

1. Learn to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course "Analytical reading", "Methods of Teaching", "Education" and "Psychology".

2. Meet the Group, which was held teaching practice.

3. Study the level of knowledge of students.

4. Learn a variety of techniques and methods of teaching.

5. Establish and carry out monitoring work in the presence of a teacher to plan, discussed with the teaching practice.

6. Form a correct relationship with the students in the classroom and outside the classroom.

During a visit to class, I was watching the methods of teaching, which allowed me to have an idea of how you want to hold classes on the analytical reading.

Also, during my studies I found psychological contact with the group, which allowed me to learn the knowledge of each student. Through this I was able to build on lessons learned in the mode appropriate for the personal characteristics of each student. During all the period of practice, there were no conflicts. They worked seamlessly, at a good pace. Checks are applied: tests, oral questioning.

I believe that during practice I was able to perform my assigned tasks. Some mistakes were made by me due to lack of practice as a teacher. I would like to note that the head of my practice I have consulted on all issues that arose during the training practice, which has helped me to cope with the difficulties.

In each lesson, students trained skills both written and spoken language.

Overall, the percentage of student learning was about 90 percent.

Teaching practice is an important and exciting step in the study of language. It allows you to try out your skills and opportunities to transfer knowledge to students.

As educational material I used materials from the Internet and materials that I gave my head. Lessons consist of explanations of the new material, mostly lexical, conversational skills development, activation of individual performance.

During student teaching, I spent extracurricular activities.

Report on activities is presented below.

Classes observed (passive practicum)

Non English classes

The analysis of a lesson of mathematics

Date: 21.01.13

The topic of the lesson: "The formula of the reduced multiplication”

The type of the lesson: generalizing

The kind of the lesson: classical 45 min

The lesson's purpose: educational, developing

The equipment: a board, distributing material.

The teacher spent a lot of time for development of the correct mathematical speech spends a lot of time. The teacher always gave to the pupils the second chance to correct their marks. Because she exactly knows pupils possibilities.

Miheeva Aigul exactly defined a lesson place in a theme "Formula of the reduced multiplication”. At the lesson the teacher applied the optimum receptions and methods for realization of the important goals and problems. Activity of the teacher and pupils proceeds naturally and independently of complexity degree.

Pupils have considered a geometrical substantiation of two formulas of the reduced multiplication and have repeated the basic algebraic identities. During the lesson Miheeva Aigul has spend various rinds of oral work: a mathematical dictation, testing, individual independent work at the black board and different writing works in the note books. Pupils developed competent mathematical speech.

The lesson has been passed productively and had good results in the end. Tasks were prepared accessible, clear, moderately the difficult. During the lesson three pupils have received "3”. During the lesson, the results showed excellent Bazarbai Merey, Dayrambekova Jania, Zhumanbay Nurbol and Kultaev Nariman.

Therefore it shows a high level of pupils' knowledge. Thus, the lesson's purpose has reached.

teacher language student

Analysis of the lessons of Kazakh literature

Date: 22.01.13

Theme of the lesson: "Biography of the great poet Abai Kunanbaev"

Type of lessons: generalizing

Type of lesson: 45 minutes

Classic OBJECTIVE: educational, informative Equipment: book Mushtarbekova Dinara Nurbolovna, teacher of Kazakh language and literature had summarizes lessons about the life and work of the great Kazakh poet A. Kunanbayev. She spoke about the life and work of the great poet. Students were interested and asked many questions to the teacher. Some students knew by heart poems Abai Kunanbaev Abayas created about 170 poems and 56 translations, wrote the poem "The words of edification." The works of the great poet influenced the culture of the people, and he always went into the history of the Kazakh language and literature.

Consonance poems Kunanbayev "Song of the night traveler" with the works of Goethe, Pushkin, Lermontov amazing. Meaning of the verse all the poets are very similar. Below are a few lines from the works of Goethe:

"First of all, the Summit / rest '/ All Mountain / You sparest / hardly breathing; / birds are silent in the woods / Just wait, soon / You too will rest." Overall, the lesson was very interesting and informative. All students were actively involved in the lesson. I also learned a lot of useful information.

The analysis of a lesson of Russian Literature

Date: 23.01.13

The topic of the lesson: "The hero of our time” M. Y. Lermontov

The type of the lesson: combined

The kind of the lesson: classical 45 min

The lesson's purpose: educational, developing

The equipment: a board, a portrait.

It was second lesson which was given to study the theme. The lesson has begun from checking homework. Three pupils have retold the story. And all the others were estimating the answers. The teacher has done such work to remind the material. Her problem was to educate pupils of the beauty feeling. The teacher constantly reminded pupils about kindness and tolerance. She taught pupils to do conclusions under the stories.

In the beginning of the lesson teacher has put two aims of the lesson. The first was to open the sincere world of the hero of the story. The second purpose was to designate moral problems in the story which the writer wanted to emphasis. The teacher has spent the game with citations. Such method allowed pupils to learn new words, collocations and to retell text in details.

Then the mini exhibition of children's pictures has been spent. Their task was to try to explain the plot of the story. Pupils have analyzed mutual relationship between the main characte...