Android Application Programming with OpenCV

Joseph Howse


Android Application Programming with OpenCV looks at OpenCV's Java bindings for Android and dispels mysteries such as which version of these bindings to use, how to integrate with standard Android functionality for layout, event handling, and data sharing, and how to integrate with OpenGL for rendering. By following the clear, concise, and modular examples provided in this book, you will develop an application that previews, captures, and shares photos with special effects based on color manipulation, edge detection, image tracking, and 3D rendering.Beneath the application layer, you will develop a small but extensible library that you can reuse in your future projects. This library will include filters for selectively modifying an image based on edge detection, 2D and 3D image trackers, and adapters to convert the Android system's camera specifications into OpenCV and OpenGL projection matrices. If you want a quick start in computer vision for Android, then this is the book for you.

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