Mechatronics with Experiments

Sabri Cetinkunt


Modern mechatronics is the intersection of Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics and Computer Engineering fields. The field of mechatronics studies embedded computer-controlled mechanical systems and virtually all traditionally mechanical systems are now controlled this way. This technological evolution has been in progress during the past 30 years whereby embedded computers have been introduced to the design of all mechanical systems. Mechatronics with Experiments, Second Edition comprehensively covers the fundamental scientific principles and technologies that are used in the design of modern computer-controlled machines and processes. It provides all of the technical background (covering mechanical, aerospace, chemical, electrical, and computer engineering) needed for designing an automated machine or process. This new edition has also been updated to include a number of experiments involving electronic circuit design and microcontroller programming and includes real-time software development using MATLAB[registered], Simulink[registered] and auto-code generation tools. Additional real world examples have been added to every chapter, with particular attention given to automotive powertrain control, electrohydraulic systems, control algorithm design methods. End of chapter problems are also included. Key features: covers embedded microcontroller based design of machines; includes MATLAB[registered]/Simulink[registered] - based embedded control software development; considers electrohydraulic motion control systems, with extensive applications in construction equipment industry; discusses electric motion control, servo systems, and coordinated multi-axis automated motion control for factory automation applications. Accompanied by a website hosting a solution manual, Mechatronics with Experiments, Second Edition is a must-have textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, chemical, electrical and industrial engineering, and is also a useful reference for researchers and practitioners in industry.

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