World War II Reference Library Vol 1 - Almanac

George Feldman


Between 1939 and 1945 a war was fought among all the major powers of the world. By the end of it, more than fifty countries were involved. It was a war in which more people died than had died in any previous war and it changed the political, social, and economic face of the entire world. World War II:Almanac provides a comprehensive range of historical information and current commentary on World War II. The set explores how events after World War I (1914–18) led to World War II; the impact of the rise of dictatorial governments in Europe and of militarism in Japan; how world leaders attempted to avoid war; the relationships among the Allied countries and among the Axis countries; major battles and turning points; life on the home fronts and the nature of German occupations in Europe; scientific developments; art and entertainment during the war; and finally, how the world was changed by the war.

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