TV and Radio


I think that TV and Radio are the most powerful means of Mass Media. Almost all people watch TV or listen to the radio for several hours. Many people watch news. There is a large choice of programs on TV. And every person can choose programs that he wants to watch. People watch TV or listen to the radio to entertain themselves or to learn some information.TV and Radio do many things. They reflect vital and present day problems, they raise questions and problems for discussion. And they affect various spheres of life. TV and Radio include information to all tastes. Some programs teach us, inform, entertain. And of course TV and Radio include effective advertisement. Every day we watch advertisement and it is not important for people who earn TV and radio stations if we want to watch it or we don’t.You can watch almost everything on TV: current affairs, documentaries, chat shows, quiz shows, a series, the arts, education programs, soap operas, sports, films, plays and of course news. TV creates many popular personalities: talk show hosts, singers and newsreaders. People prefer to watch programs with famous hosts, popular newsreaders and famous singers.I prefer TV to Radio because I want to watch but not only listen to programs. As for me I like that there is great choice of programs and wide range of topics and problems for discussion on TV. Some programs appeal to me most, some of them look attractive. And I enjoy watching some sensation news. I think it’s important to keep people informed about almost everything. People must know important information because they can use it in useful and right way. As for me I prefer watching news, films, sometimes series. It is very interesting for me to watch news. And I like to watch films. I like actions, it can’t teach you, but it’s always interesting and exciting to watch some extraordinary people in some extraordinary situations.

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